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Our Volunteers represent an integral part of hospice care. With their presence and support, they are enhancing the quality of the patient’s life in different ways when they are the most vulnerable –  and that is where their importance lies. They are team players and they have a deep understanding of hospice care philosophy and mission.

Volunteers act as a “professional friend” providing practical help for overburdened families. They offer respite, to allow caregivers a few hours off, emotional support, companionship and a wide range of homemaking tasks including errands and transportation. Volunteers have the option for assisting in indirect care as well. Helping out in the office or working with our volunteer coordinator to assist in other aspects of the program. Volunteers are here to connect with dying patients on a deeper personal level, providing the most compassionate and most comforting end of life possible. That also gives a great chance for hospice care team to get valuable insights into general patient’s inner state and overall impact and level of comfort and care.

Our Volunteers provide necessary emotional support and companionship, making the best of what is left from life to terminally ill patients. They have a deeper understanding for those whose life has come to the ending and they have the spirit of compassion. Before joining hospice our Circle of Care we are providing professional training.

Our Volunteers would provide :

  • Necessary and emotional support to both our patients and their families
  • Companionship through tough times – sometimes just a presence of our volunteers means a lot to our patients
  • Needed non – medical support for patients  – assisting the healthcare team and providing optimum quality service for dying patients
  • Providing support in time of death and bereavement.
  • Indirect care-Doing clerical work in the office
  • Helping create special gifts for our patients

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