Levels of Care

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Hospice patients often require varying levels of hospice care during their hospice experience. There are four levels of care that are offered, all of which are covered by Moments Hospice:

Levels Of Care

Four levels of care you are entitled to receive

Routine Home Care

The basic care

Routine Hospice Care is the most common and frequently used level of hospice care. With Routine Hospice Care, an individual elects to receive hospice care at their place of residents which can include an assisted living facility, a nursing facility, or their private home.

Continuous Home Care

At your home

Continuous Home Care is care provided by the hospice team for between 8 and 24 hours a day to alleviate pain and address acute medical symptoms. The services must be focused on nursing care, in conjunction with hospice aid services which are provided to enable the terminally ill patient to remain at home during a symptom crisis.

General Inpatient Care

Pain control

General Inpatient Care is for pain control or other acute symptom management provided in a nursing home or other designated inpatient setting. General Inpatient Care is provided to patients who have symptoms or pain that are unable to be managed in an outpatient setting. General Inpatient Care requires that a registered nurse be available 24 hours a day to tend to the patient’s needs.

Respite Care

A break in caregiving

Inpatient Respite Care is available to temporarily alleviate a patient’s primary caregiver of some of their daily responsibilities. Respite care is often provided in a hospital, hospice inpatient facility, or a long term care facility that has sufficient 24 hour nursing staff present.

While hospice patients may be admitted at any level of care, the progression of their illness may require a change in their level of care. Although the Medicare Hospice Benefit is designed to offer patients care where they live (including nursing homes), a hospice will help transfer a patient to inpatient care if necessary for pain and symptom management.

Our Circle of Care

Dedicated to providing the very best treatment possible

Our Circle of Care depicts the continuum of care rendered by our hospice professionals and trained volunteers working together as a team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to assess and meet your needs—and your loved ones’ unique needs—as the end of life draws near.

Integrative Medicine

Therapy sessions are administered by credentialed and compassionate therapists who create a personalized plan of care according to each one’s needs

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