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Loss tends to strip us of our sense of control, and all the changes can be bitter and uncomfortable. If we try to cling to an old life, the puzzle pieces do not fit anymore. This is a harsh new reality. There are no band-aid fixes, but there are resources available to help.

A place for sharing, support, resources, classes, and more.

Candid conversations about grief in the 21st century.

Practical self-care tips and support for those who are grieving.

Workshops, resources, and community when you need it most.

A podcast hosted by Nora McInerny who encourages people to share their real, complicated, honest feelings about grief.

For those who have lost a child

Supporting every grieving family as long as they need it.

Programming, resources, and support to connect individuals who have experienced a similar loss.

Highly personal comfort, hope, and support for every family experiencing the death of a child.

For those who have lost a spouse or partner

A place for men to meet others going through the same transition.

Grief, financial, well-being, and relational support for women who have lost a partner.

Empowering widows and their children through community and connection.

The ultimate grief support site for widows.

A support system developed by widowed women, for widowed women.

After a loss takes place:

Everything from keeping memories alive to the practical “what to do after death occurs.”

Helping answer your questions to make funerals personal and meaningful.

A variety of financial resources by state.